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BlueLine Laundry Inc.

Street Address :

     59-61 Creek Road

Town :

    New Town

Postcode :


State :


Phone Number :

     03 6278 8299

Website :

We have 20 - 50 supported employees.

What we offer for supported employees

BlueLine Laundry is a commercial business operating laundries in Hobart and Launceston. We process laundry linen for hospitals, age care, nursing, hospitality and manufacturing on a daily basis. BlueLine is committed to ensuring that people with a disability have the opportunity to be employed in a supported environment.

The contribution we make to the ADE community

BlueLine Laundry is a non for profit business under the guidance of the Archdioceses of Hobart. Blueline has a vital role within the community as the principal suppler of clean linen for our hospital, nursing and age care homes. This is a very important working relationship as our supply of linen is so necessary for the health and benefit of many clients. BlueLine is very supportive of our work program offering on the job support, training skills and the opportunity to improve individual life styles, aims and goals. We strongly encourage our supported employees to be actively engaged in social and community events as part of their life skills.

How supported employees and their families benefit from our organisation

BlueLine offers a safe, real and meaningful work role for supported employees within in a vibrant commercial business. Staff are given every opportunity to improve their work skills with on the job support and by attaining national qualifications. BlueLine works closely with workers and their family or support team to ensure that they reach their goals and achieve positive wage assessments to reflect their individual work productivity performances. BlueLine strongly assists all supported clients with the provision of any professional support required to improve, overcome issues or maintain their work roles. Families and industry partners are very welcomed to view our work locations in both Hobart and Launceston to ensure suitability for potentail clients


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