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Synergy Group

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     5 Kay Street

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We have 50 - 100 supported employees.

What we offer for supported employees

Synergy Group provides employment to around 51 adults with a disability in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. Our HACCP/ACO Certified packaging and processing facility specialises in the production of organic food products.

The contribution we make to the ADE community

Along with meaningful employment to those with a disability, Synergy Group's manual packaging and processing of organic products for local businesses is not only providing assistance to enable those businesses to grow in the community, but also ensuring local organic products are placed on shelves around the area, providing the community a healthier way of living.

How supported employees and their families benefit from our organisation

Synergy Group provides meaningful employment to adults with a disability, in doing so the organisations employees are able to gain a sense of equality and also understand the importance of working for a living. Working at Synergy Group not only provides employment but also the skills to work in a team, effective time management, quality assurance and training opportunities to further a career.


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