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PACE Setters, a division of The Mai-Wel Group

Street Address :

     115a South Street

Town :


Postcode :


State :


Phone Number :

     02 4932 8599

Website :

We have 0 - 20 supported employees.

What we offer for supported employees

PACE Setters, a division of The Mai-Wel Group produces export quality crates and pallets, metal fabrication productions and completes a variety of production jobs saving business time and money.

The contribution we make to the ADE community

PACE Setters train and employ people with a disability or those who experience a barrier. PACE Setters provide meaningful and long term employment opportunities for people with a disability in the Hunter region.

How supported employees and their families benefit from our organisation

PACE Setters benefits supported employees and their families by providing purposeful employment opportunities, new skill development along with an increased social circle.



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