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ParaQuad Industries

Street Address :

     10 Selby Street

Town :

     Shenton Park

Postcode :


State :


Phone Number :

     (08) 9381 0195

Website :

We have 100 - 200 supported employees.

What we offer for supported employees

ParaQuad Industries offers: - general packaging and collation services including bulk breaking; - manufacture and sales of industrial wipers of all grades; - professional picture framing services; - recycling and resale of pre-owned goods.

The contribution we make to the ADE community

Supported Employees at ParaQuad Industries are directly involved in numerous recycling and waste reduction activities in the course of their daily work. Our charity donation value chain provides communities the opportunity to participate in the recycling of clothes, books and furniture while at the same time assisting local governments and businesses through the collection and disposal of tonnes of illegally dumped material.

How supported employees and their families benefit from our organisation

ParaQuad Industries provides hundreds of people with physical and intellectual disabilities the opportunity of meaningful paid employment and vocational educational opportunities. The PQI community also provides a vehicle for valuable social interaction.



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