Our daughter is 48 yrs old and has a mild physical and intellectual disability, including a speech defect, and has worked for two Disability Services over many years. This came about because when she left school after year 10 she was "taken on" by a large company on as a process worker. HOWEVER the other employees (mainly women) complained that she did not work as fast as they did so the employer dismissed her. After several other failed attempts in open employment and rather than stay at home, she approached a Sheltered Workplace for employment where she stayed for many years before moving to a different Sheltered Workplace. The early experiences affected her so much that she became reluctant to try open employment again. She is very happy working and says the small wages she receives is of little importance as the only friends and social activities she has are all around fellow disabled people. We bought her a unit ages ago and she manages her finances without help from us, lives independently, and is happy with her life. Our concern is that when we are no longer around and jobs are no longer protected for disabled people that she will be completely isolated. PLEASE DO NOT DRASTICALLY CHANGE GOVERNMENT FUNDING FOR ADEs or accept the suggestions of so-called 'well-meaning people' who know very little or nothing of the benefits disabled people receive by being employed by ADEs,

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