I am 36 years old and I am a Forklift Driver at Endeavour Foundation Packaging Solutions in Wacol. I really like working here and would probably be doing “nothing” if I didn’t have this job. I was doing some odd jobs like washing cars and mowing lawns before starting here a few years back. I feel supported here and have learnt great skills like forklift driving. I am comfortable in this work environment and working is really important to me. I like joking around with other staff and the mates I have made at work. I am a self-confessed ‘rev-head’ and love vehicles, I spend my wage on my hobby of fast model cars. My latest is a drag-star. I just love them.

Ty Patterson

I first started with Endeavour Foundation in 2005, I left after 8 months to help a friend open a business but came back to Endeavour after 3 months because Endeavour's work was more fulfilling and offered training packages. I got my Forklift ticket in 2010 and within a year my truck licence in 2011. I travel to Gympie at least once a week to deliver to other services and I also hold certificates in Recieval and Despatch. In 2014 our home burnt down and I nearly lost my wife in the fire. We had nothing left. The Endeavour Wacol staff and employees found a new home and filled it with donations of appliances, clothes and furniture. Our wedding photos were all burnt, so the staff organised a renewing or our vows on our 22nd Anniversary so that we now have photos of at least one wedding. I love the people here, they are funny and I have some amazing loyal friendships.

Mark Blasdall

I am 22 years old and work as a Line Assistant at Endeavour Foundation Packaging Solutions in Wacol. As a young bloke I was “just delivering papers” before starting work at Endeavour Foundation when I was 17. The money I earn really helps out with my family. It puts food on the table. Otherwise we’d be living on Baked Beans. I was only getting Starter Allowance before I worked at Wacol which gave me about $100 a fortnight. I love my working environment. I have met and made many new friends and learnt a variety of new skills. I now hold down a Line Assistant position in the ‘Red Bulls’ Team which I help run along side my Supervisor. I have a partner at home and a baby boy, work is very important to me so we don’t live in poverty and on the streets. I’ve been independent for about 7 years now, and I want to keep it that way.

Beau Bradbury

I enjoy everything I do at Endeavour Foundation in Mackay, including stringing tags, working on eyelet machines and counting tags. I especially like morning tea and lunch because then I get to talk with my friends. I have learnt how to work safely on the eyelet machine using earmuffs and safety glasses. I was working in open employment at one time. I did cleaning at a doctor’s office. I washed up and put away things; I cleaned up and put away the kids’ toys. (I liked to play with the kids’ toys). I like talking to the doctors in their rooms. I liked catching the town bus to work and I would buy a cold drink on the way.

Ailsa Spokes

My name is Michael Argent, I work at Endeavour Foundation Industries Mackay. The best thing a like about work is being with my friends. My favourite job right now is using the heat sealer to seal PPE packaging, which gets sent out to the mines to be put into the PPE dispensing machines. Some of the jobs I have learnt to do at work are sticking delineators on to PVC pipes to make guide posts, using both the electric and air eyelet machines, using the heat sealer, cutting blast wire and string, stringing tags and using the hot glue gun. I like doing different jobs, I don’t get bored and I always try my best. I used to mow lawns for people and they paid me. They were good people and very nice and they would give me lunch and talk to me.

Michael Argent

I had such a bad time with open employment. They treated me like I was a clump, and I will never go back to them. I did work experience through the school, I worked at the local petrol station and I was touched inappropriately and I will never forget that day. I have my job where I am now at Endeavour Foundation Kingaroy, and I will never ever change jobs or even go back to open employment. They are rude and they don't treat you like a normal person and they don't even care about you as a person and the staff are so rude to everybody in open employment.

Andrew Simmons

My name is Beth, I had a job working with a Recycling mob travelling around parts of Queensland when I was a young teenager. We collected and stripped gear boxes, stripped all the plastic off copper piping. We collected hot water systems, and took off any part that could be recycled, I did really enjoy this job with doing different things each day and I was working with my step father, which I really enjoyed. I would never go back to this sort of work, Because my boss would get me on my own and touch me and try to do things that I did not want, he was a lot older than me, I was just a young girl. I have now been working at Endeavour Kingaroy for nearly 11 years and I really enjoy what I do, I fell safe and needed And I am happy to be part of the team and I feel valued. We do things like bowling and going on outings with my friends from work. I don’t want to ever go in to open employment because of the support I get at Endeavour Foundation,

Beth Fulton

My name is Elizabeth and I work at Endeavour Foundation Geebung. The things I like doing best at work is helping people and learning things. I have learnt new skills, how to communicate with different people and how to help people if needed. I get to meet a lot of people at the ADE.

Elizabeth Burke

My name is Mark and I work at Endeavour Foundation at Innisfail. The thing I like best at work is making wheel barrows. I have learnt everything I need to be able to do the work, new skills and to work with a team. I worked in open employment, they expected you to do the job but didn't train you.

Mark Jenkinson

My name is Darrel and I work at Endeavour Foundation at Innisfail. The best thing I like to do at work is wheelbarrow assembly. I have learnt a lot at work, especially workplace health and safety and social skills. I have worked in open employment, but it was hard because they expected you to know what to do all the time.

Darrel Woolgar