Sheryl has worked for GSI since 02/05/1985. Since commencing work in the warehouse before transferring to the Good Sammy Fremantle store.
Sheryl has built a number of skills within the warehouse; sorting and folding of sundries and clothing items, using a pump up trolley and housekeeping
Whilst at the Fremantle store Sheryl has built on a number of skills within the retail sector; retail and customer service skills, distinguishing different clothing items, colour coordinating clothing items, assisting customers, going to the bank to bank store takings, money counting skills.
Sheryl and her family have expressed their appreciation a number of times on the amount of support and care that has been provided to Sheryl over the years.
In 2015 Sheryl suffered a stroke; however with the supported environment at GSI Sheryl’s needs have been accommodated for and she is still able to maintain her employment and be remain part of the GSI community.

Sheryl McKinney

Ann has worked for Good Samaritan Industries starting 19/10/1970 (45yrs) 5mth), being one our longest employee’s. Ann commenced in GSI’s Scarborough Beach Road workshop I Osbourne Park, in 1984 Ann transferred through to GSI Warehouse in Canning Vale, then in 2011 GSI worked with Ann’s family to accommodate for Ann’s needs allowing Ann to work from home. GSI have put a number of strategies in place to assist Ann with time keeping, to remind her of dates of events and public holidays. (digital clock, time sheet chart on wall to match times for start time, morning tea, lunch and finishing time, Calendars dates marked to correspond dates).
Ann does a number of different tasks from home; sorting and packing jewellery, sorting and bagging toys, changing lids on bottles, picking beads from garments and packing them into bags ready for sale in the GSI stores.
A support person visits Ann in person every fortnight and corresponds with Ann by telephone every other week. The support person engages in social activities with Ann in the community (going to the park to have lunch, Christmas, Easter and birthday celebrations.
Ann’s sister Shirley (family support) has stated she is happy with the service that Good Samaritan Industries provide supporting Ann within her employment and that this is the happiest she has seen Ann in a long time.

Ann Avion

Cormet joined Good Samaritan Industries in September 2014. Initially he was employed in the Canning Vale recycling plant. Through Cormet’s annual employment plan review her was able to identify that he would like to trial working in a retail setting.
Cormet transferred to the Cannington Good Sammy Store for a 3 month trial. Very early on it was identified that Cormet would need more intensive support to be able to learn the new skills required for his new role. Through his planner from NDIA (Perth Hills Trial site) Cormet was able to access short term funding over 6 months for more intensive support.
Under 1:1 support Cormet was able to learn the new tasks and build on his skills and become more independent.
In January 2016 Cormet no longer needed 1:1 support and was able to transition well into two full days per week without the need for 1:1 support. Cormet is doing really well and continuing to enjoy his role at Good Sammy, Well done Cormet - all of your hard work has paid off.


Georgia commenced employment with Good Samaritan industries in October 2015. Originally applying to work in our warehouse team, Georgia quickly demonstrated skills and aptitude for higher duties and was offered a role within our contracted mailroom where she is responsible for operating the machine that folds and inserts letters into envelopes. Georgia maintains records about the numbers of letters being sent and packages them into boxes for Australia Post.
She also has a daily mail run, driving to the BSWA office and Australia Post to ensure the letters are securely delivered. Georgia says that she really enjoys the job when the folding machine works (if it breaks down the folding is done by hand) and also because of the other staff and the friends she mas made.

Georgia Cording

Lesley joined GSI in July 2015 when our new store in Mandurah opened. Lesley Enjoys coming to work each day as she loves the sense of belonging to a team in her local Community Lesley is a very quiet and friendly lady who always has a smile no matter what.
Over the past few months she has learnt many new retail skills from stock sorting and hanging, customer service and point of sale skills where she has begun to learn the register operation and money handling skills. She has learnt this very quickly and is confident to serve the each customer and going that extra mile with customer enquiries.br/> Customer feedback has stated that Lesley brings such a positive energy to the Mandurah Store and that it is a delight when Lesley is working.

Lesley Atkinson

Congratulations to Jennifer, one of the winners of the annual Sarah Potter Awards, and a valuable member of the administration team at Good Samaritan Industries. This is a significant cash award that Jennifer will use to improve her life and further develop her skills.
Jennifer was out of the workforce for nearly five years before she applied to GSI six months ago. She accepted a position in our call centre team that schedules collection of donations and our store deliveries, as well as staffing reception.
During this time she has built up her confidence, overcome personal challenges and taken on additional duties with enthusiasm and dedication. In her own words Jennifer has realised “I am a valued member of society and that I can make a difference”.
Jennifer is looking forward to continuing her career with GSI and to expand on her qualifications in Business Administration with further studies in IT.

Jennifer Erceg

The race is on for Raun Chrimes and Glen Fowler!
Raun is a new employee who has a C class and truck licence. Glen has recently obtained his driver’s licence with Ralph Sutton funds, support from community engagement to engage an appropriate driving school and to obtain his required amount of driving support hours. They have been working together throughout October driving the Smaller GSI Van. Each morning and evening they do all of the required checks on the van. Glen always drives in the morning as the van is empty and as the van fills up with donations Raun - the more experienced driver does the afternoon driving. This team is working well as both men are of similar age and likes with their skills and abilities complimenting each other.
Raun has his sights set on driving a truck, with Glen right behind him having the same dream.
So the old saying around “go for your dreams” is a possibility for these two young men. I look forward to seeing our first supported employees as truck drivers in the not too distant future.

Raun Chrimes and Glen Fowler

Courtney started work at Good Samaritan Industries in the 1980s and worked in both the Warehouse and Retail Stores. Courtney left GSI and had a couple of jobs in mainstream employment then came back to GSI in December 1996.
Courtney for a number of years worked as a relief retail assistant covering annual leave at the many Good Sammy Stores throughout the Perth Metro area. For the last 12 months Courtney has worked at the Good Sammy Store in Morley where she is a permanent staff member.
Courtney states working for GSI has allowed me the ability to travel to many countries in the world including Canada, America, New Zealand and Singapore to name a few. Courtney says I have made many friends at GSI which I socialise with on a regular basis. I like working at GSI it gives me a good feeling to get up and go to work in the morning. The staff is friendly and I like the contact with the customers.
Courtney is currently on the GSI workers committee.

Courtney Rattray

Ian Chapman has worked for Good Samaritan Industries since September 1992. Ian commenced in our Good Sammy Stores working in a variety of Stores over the years until he transferred to the Canning Vale Warehouse.
Ian works in a number of areas in the Warehouse from the Unloading Belt to the Export Area and most recently the Electrical Section where Ian has passed his Test & Tag training. Ian tells me “GSI is a great place to work; it has given him the opportunity to learn new tasks, assist with my personal support and have connected me with other organisations. The Management and staff are fantastic.
Ian also said he has made many friends over the years at GSI and socialises with them on a regular basis outside of work. GSI is where Ian met his wife.

Ian Chapman

I am 27 years old and work for Endeavour Foundation Packaging Solution in Brisbane’s southern suburb of Wacol. I left school and started work at another Endeavour Foundation business service in Yeerongpilly before the shift to Wacol in the middle of 2013. It means a lot to me to work here. I feel safe and supported by the people around me. I like my gluing job. I like weighing product and learning new skills. I don't know what I would be doing if it wasn’t for working here. I take great pride in my job. I work 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. I am happy here. I like everyone. I can be myself.

Paul McDermont

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