Raun Chrimes and Glen Fowler

The race is on for Raun Chrimes and Glen Fowler!
Raun is a new employee who has a C class and truck licence. Glen has recently obtained his driver’s licence with Ralph Sutton funds, support from community engagement to engage an appropriate driving school and to obtain his required amount of driving support hours. They have been working together throughout October driving the Smaller GSI Van. Each morning and evening they do all of the required checks on the van. Glen always drives in the morning as the van is empty and as the van fills up with donations Raun - the more experienced driver does the afternoon driving. This team is working well as both men are of similar age and likes with their skills and abilities complimenting each other.
Raun has his sights set on driving a truck, with Glen right behind him having the same dream.
So the old saying around “go for your dreams” is a possibility for these two young men. I look forward to seeing our first supported employees as truck drivers in the not too distant future.

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