Courtney Rattray

Courtney started work at Good Samaritan Industries in the 1980s and worked in both the Warehouse and Retail Stores. Courtney left GSI and had a couple of jobs in mainstream employment then came back to GSI in December 1996.
Courtney for a number of years worked as a relief retail assistant covering annual leave at the many Good Sammy Stores throughout the Perth Metro area. For the last 12 months Courtney has worked at the Good Sammy Store in Morley where she is a permanent staff member.
Courtney states working for GSI has allowed me the ability to travel to many countries in the world including Canada, America, New Zealand and Singapore to name a few. Courtney says I have made many friends at GSI which I socialise with on a regular basis. I like working at GSI it gives me a good feeling to get up and go to work in the morning. The staff is friendly and I like the contact with the customers.
Courtney is currently on the GSI workers committee.