Ann Avion

Ann has worked for Good Samaritan Industries starting 19/10/1970 (45yrs) 5mth), being one our longest employee’s. Ann commenced in GSI’s Scarborough Beach Road workshop I Osbourne Park, in 1984 Ann transferred through to GSI Warehouse in Canning Vale, then in 2011 GSI worked with Ann’s family to accommodate for Ann’s needs allowing Ann to work from home. GSI have put a number of strategies in place to assist Ann with time keeping, to remind her of dates of events and public holidays. (digital clock, time sheet chart on wall to match times for start time, morning tea, lunch and finishing time, Calendars dates marked to correspond dates).
Ann does a number of different tasks from home; sorting and packing jewellery, sorting and bagging toys, changing lids on bottles, picking beads from garments and packing them into bags ready for sale in the GSI stores.
A support person visits Ann in person every fortnight and corresponds with Ann by telephone every other week. The support person engages in social activities with Ann in the community (going to the park to have lunch, Christmas, Easter and birthday celebrations.
Ann’s sister Shirley (family support) has stated she is happy with the service that Good Samaritan Industries provide supporting Ann within her employment and that this is the happiest she has seen Ann in a long time.

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